What is a Specialized Driving Privilege in Indiana and How Can I Get One?

One of the most promising laws implemented by Indiana is the specialized driving privileges. If a person has their driving license suspended, it’s not only their driving privilege that they lose. They also have a harder time working, doing simple tasks such as grocery runs, or even travel fast enough for medical attention in case of emergencies. 

The specialized driving privileges give certain individuals the chance to drive under some conditions even if their license is suspended. 

Let’s take a look at what it is and if you’re one of the people who could obtain it. 

What Exactly Is Specialized Driving Privileges?

Previously, Indiana had the option of a probationary license or hardship license for suspended drivers. However, this law didn’t allow drivers to obtain these licenses before 3 years at the least, and the conditions for obtaining it were much harsher in general. 

Now, these licenses don’t exist as of January 1, 2015, and instead one has to obtain specialized driving privileges as a suspended driver. The time period for attaining this license is much shorter, and the driver can find themselves sitting behind the wheels legally if the court has granted them the right to drive to certain locations. 

The judges decide who is to receive specialized driving privileges based on each case’s circumstances. The charges are looked at thoroughly before an Indiana judge will decide whether the person is good enough to receive the special license. 

Even after you have obtained the license, it could come with certain conditions. A person may be allowed to drive for only limited hours in a day or have only specific locations they could drive to legally. They’re also likely to be instructed to use the ignition interlock device. 

Obtaining the license doesn’t change the fact that the person is still suspended and so, they have this privilege for a minimum of 180 days. It depends on the judge whether they want to take away the person’s driving license indefinitely at the end. 

How Do You Get One?

Assuming you’re unlucky enough to get your driving license suspended, a person must petition the court to get the specialized driving privileges. In this petition, the suspended driver has to sign and verify it. They would also have to list their address, date of birth, age, and why they’re applying for specialized driving privileges. 

The driver also has to file the petition where they’re living- that is, their current county – along with filing in a superior or circuit court in the same county. They should also be served on the prosecuting attorney and the Indiana Bureau. 

Almost everyone is allowed to petition for this license except – 

  • If you’ve refused a chemical test when offered one by an officer
  • In possession of a commercial driving license
  • Never had a valid driving license in the first place 
  • If you have a conviction against you that states you’re responsible for another person’s death due to your driving 
  • If you’ve already received a specialized driving license in the past, you aren’t eligible either. 

Call An Experienced Criminal Law Attorney Today!!

If you or someone you know believes they would qualify or benefit from obtaining a Specialized Driving Privilege, reach out to the experienced attorneys at Blankenship Law, LLC. Remember, once you get the license, you should have the court order with you while driving so that you can give it to any police officer who pulls you over. Your proof of financial responsibility insurance should also be maintained during your specialized driving license period.